The best of live cam girl

If you are reading these lines, you’ve probably already passed (or you’re willing toexceed) the prejudices surrounding this new profession, made possible by the expansion and improvement of global internet connectivity.
If once to become a Camgirl you had to turn to specialized sites that served asmanager, holding a very big part of the revenue and placing a series of rules and stakes, from today, all this is but a distant memory, thanks to CHATURBATE.
What would you do if I told you that right now your neighbor or your co-worker isquietly gaining just lying on the couch, with the security that cannot be viewed by anyone who knows? Chaturbate offers anyone the opportunity to enter the world oferotic Cams, in total and complete freedom, linking when you want and doing (or notdoing) what you want.
No default rule, you will never be forced to do what you don’t want to but only what you like. If you’re a simple flashing, you can meet this habit and earn as well. If you are a couple you can earn at the same time and experience new and exciting erotic experience, and if you’re not in the mood you can just stay clothed and communicate with your fans, and probably earn too!
If your curiosity is skyrocketing, know, talking about figures, which you can earn 50100200 $ in 12-hour broadcast, and if you’re brave, even more! Start is not easy, butonce you do you’ll wonder how you did without so far!
But what if my friend or my colleague would see it? My reputation would be ruined! … thought, but here comes to our rescue technology. CHATURBATE allows you to“lock entire Nations, therefore if you want to become your pastime transgressivesecret, just block connections from Italy (or any country where you have a lot offriends and/or relatives).
But without further ADO, let’s see, step by step, how to become a CAMGIRL in all respects. To do this you need the following ingredients:
Good looking
Playful personality and desire to experiment
Average English knowledge
A webcam (or even a simple laptop with built-in webcam)
A microphone (often integrated into webcam or laptops)
An identity document (required to ensure your age)
In order to physically collect the money earned, you will need:
An account on
A bank account to associate with PAXUM to receive payments
The most complicated are the last two steps, you can begin to earn “moneydirectly on CHATURBATE while you complete the bureaucratic practices for payments.
The currency used on chaturbate is the TOKEN, tokens are purchased by users and arepaid to the girls in the amount of your choice.
When we begin to transmit our “Preview” appears in the list of webcams. Customersare intrigued to see. At this point it becomes a normal webcam session, except that, ifwe do, people will shell out Tokens for us or appreciate.
By CHATURBATE apps we can insert the objectives (Goals) or launch of real games, in order to make the whole thing fun. As an example, we can launch a Goal saying to100 tokens we take the BRA or t-shirt, or we’re going to do anything else, you are only limited by our creativity.
We can also launch, as the real Tombolas” where each tip is a premium (or anything)that we decided in retrospect. In all this, over time, we will learn to give us our true value, throwing the right APP at the moment and needs.
We will deepen the operation later, but for now